CoSIDA Academic All-Americans
Athlete Season Sport Team Notes
Deb Allaman (Johnson)1989Volleyball3rd Team
Mark Anderson1974Football1st Team
Dana Appleby1992-93Swimming & Diving2nd TeamAt Large
Kim Arndt (Wudi)1998Volleyball2nd Team
Kim Arndt (Wudi)1999Volleyball1st Team
Brandon Basken2005Football2nd Team
Shanna Berger2006Volleyball2nd Team
Mike Bestul2001Football1st Team
Mike Bestul2002Football1st Team
Paul Bielmeier2008Football1st Team
Sarah Bingea2012-13Basketball3rd Team
Kari Blasczyk2000Soccer3rd TeamAt Large
Dennis Blunk1975-76BasketballHM
Dennis Blunk1976-77Basketball3rd Team
Liz Faller2007Track & Field2nd TeamTrack/CC
Liz Faller2008Track & Field1st TeamTrack/CC
Tyler Genovese2012Track & Field1st TeamTrack/CC
Rachel Gullerud2001Volleyball2nd Team
Alison Hover2002-03Tennis1st TeamAt Large
Hannah Humbach2010Track & Field3rd TeamTrack/CC
Sam Johnson2008Track & Field2nd TeamTrack/CC
Sam Johnson2009Track & Field1st TeamTrack/CC
Steve Johnson1971-72Basketball1st Team
Ken Kaiser1974-75Basketball1st Team
Ken Kaiser1975-76Basketball1st Team
Jeremy Kieser2013Track & Field2nd TeamTrack/CC
Liz Kooistra2009Track & Field1st TeamTrack/CC
Laura Ladwig (Dale)1982-83Swimming & Diving2nd TeamAt Large
Sara Laun-Cannon1989-90Swimming & Diving3rd TeamAt Large
Sara Laun-Cannon1990-91Swimming & Diving1st TeamAt Large
Laurie Lorenz1993Track & Field2nd TeamTrack/CC (At Large)
Jeff Lund1976-77BasketballHM
Ashlyn Mauer2013Track & Field3rd TeamTrack/CC
Arlene Meinholz (Beardsley)1994-95Basketball3rd Team
Arlene Meinholz (Beardsley)1996Track & Field2nd TeamTrack/CC (At Large)
Charlie Novak1975-76BasketballHM
Lisa Jo Roettger (Donellan)1982-83Swimming & Diving3rd TeamAt Large
Erin Schoenfelder2013Track & Field1st TeamTrack/CC
Amanda Schultz2005-06Ice Hockey3rd TeamAt Large
John Schuna2005Track & Field2nd TeamTrack/CC
Ben Shea2010Football2nd Team
Carolyn Sheild1984Track & Field1st TeamTrack/CC/Swim (At Large)
Jordan Singer2012-13Ice Hockey3rd TeamAt Large
Jason Slaikeu1996Track & Field1st TeamTrack/CC (At Large)
Jason Slaikeu1997Track & Field2nd TeamTrack/CC (At Large)
Jason Slaikeu1998Track & Field2nd TeamTrack/CC (At Large)
Becca Spaeth (Bestul)2003-04Basketball3rd Team
Jon Sylte1989Football2nd Team
Bill Underwood1991-92Swimming & Diving3rd TeamAt Large
Bill Underwood1992-93Swimming & Diving1st TeamAt Large
Tim Valentyn1976-77Basketball2nd Team
Gina Williams2012Soccer3rd Team
Laura Wodyn (Ecker)1985Cross Country3rd TeamAt Large
Mike Zeihen1980Football1st Team

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43 different individuals recognized with 54 All-American awards
17 different individuals recognized with 19 first team awards
16 different individuals recognized with 17 second team awards
15 different individuals recognized with 15 third team awards
3 different individuals recognized with 3 honorable mention awards

6 men's at-large team selections (2 first, 2 second, 2 third team)
12 women's at-large team selections (3 first, 4 second, 5 third team)
8 men's basketball (3 first, 1 second, 1 third, 3 HM)
3 women's basketball (3 third)
8 football (5 first, 3 second)
5 men's track/cc (2 first, 3 second)
6 women's track/cc (3 first, 1 second, 2 third)
5 women's volleyball (1 first, 3 second, 1 third)
1 women's soccer (1 third)

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